Our philosophy

The preparation towards motherhood, and the initial 6-12 weeks after the birth of a baby are a period of utmost caution and care for the well being of mother and baby. In both pre-natal and post-natal stage, the mother requires guidance and support from people who have experience and expertise to give the right advice to her.
We are dedicated to the health and well being of mother and baby, by developing a unique set of products and services which are delivered to the mother in the most professional manner. We strive to combine the essence of ancient and proven ayurvedic methods and techniques available from modern healthcare methods.
We firmly believe that this work has to be done in a spirit of love and affection and care, and the right attitude is as important as is the effort required.
Our services, our people and our practices reflect this belief and the philosophy in totality.

Our Management

Our mission is to provide professional quality postnatal care services at home. We also feel that during a woman's journey at this time she deserves to be nurtured and supported. We feel honored to care for our mothers all the way through this special and unique time of change and discovery.

Managing Director - Mrs.Tejashree Joshi

yourstory-Tejashree-InsideArticle-2-croppedTejashree is a post graduate in Commerce with a keen interest in healthcare and medicine. She has worked in the medical transcription industry as a professional for over 5 years till her interest in health and wellness and family compelled her to take an entrepreneurial plunge to set up Sangopan. Tejashree is responsible for business development, strategy and sales.

Our Advisors

An important part of our every success is by taking expert advices and effective communication for service planning and explaining the importance of frequent preventive care.
We have a small and strongly committed circle of advisors who are the guiding light for us.

Dr.Rita Mhaskar - MD, Gynaecologist

Dr.Tejaswini Naik - MBBS, DCH, (DNB) Paediarician

Dr.Renu Paul - BMS (Homeopathy), MD

Dr.Yogesh Sathe - MBBS, MD Pediatrics, FNB Pediatric Cardiology