New Born Baby Massage Testimonials We have received 100s of more testimonials available on request

  • “The nursemaid was really good and polite. Completely dedicated to what she’s doing. I feel better after massage. Really thankful to Sangopan & group.”

  • “The nursemaid was experienced, kind and a gentle lady. A very good relaxing experience for me & my son. Very good professionalism”

  • “The nursemaid was efficient and listens to my request on pressures, timings of massage and maintains the same. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Sangopan. The baby has put on weight and I lost weight”.

  • “The nursemaid is good with massage with my little one. Liked the way she gives her a bath. The baby gained weight and I was relieved of body aches.”

  • “The nursemaid is very sincere and her massage is very relaxing for me. Baby also enjoys her massage and bath very well and has put on weight. The supervisor was very helpful and guided me well on massage and diet. They were thorough professionals”.

  • “The nursemaid is good, clean & comes on time. Friendly in nature, so feels comfortable talking to her. The counseling by the supervisor was helpful. I reduced my tummy and my baby gained weight.”

  • “The nursemaid was very nice, polite, on time & experienced. With the massage the baby gained weight and I felt great.  Sangopan is very professional & experienced.”

  • “Good co-operation by the Supervisors. Listened to the queries, and addressed on time.  The Mother’s forum is Good, Informative & Educating”

  • Baby has put on weight & is growing well. Massage & bath very helpful),mother is getting slim & the massage is very helpful in releiving aches & pains).Happy to be part of sangopan coz i find it very organised & professional. The sangopan whatsapp group is a very useful forum.It really helps new mommies like me with all our doubts & queries from the tiniest concerns to major ones.Keep up this initiative!Also the expert advice from Mrs.Tejashree & the doctor is helpful.

  • Baby gained good WEIGHT ,SLEPT WELL AFTER BATH, service helped my back a lot . professionalism was Great.wish it was easier to schedule but understand it is dependent on bus route . Whatsapp grp a great idea.

  • Experienced in the relevant field and were the right set of strokes to help the mother recover faster from the postnatal problems

    Sreeja Nair
  • A unique proposition for mother and infant care. I was happy with the service provided. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Maids are friendly, services provided are very helpful. Whats app group is the best!! The support provided in the group help us gain confidence & knowledge. Keep up good work !! Looking forward for your expansion throughout the nation.

  • Good increase in babies weight, for mother tummy has reduced. Good professionalism.

  • The results were Good for baby and mother. Very professional at work.But many personal queries are too addressed & solved by the docs/nurse. Ayurvedic doc counselling was Excellent.

  • Baby put on good weight,mother -Releif from pain & very relaxing. Extremely professional & my decision to go ahead with Sangopan was so right.Feeling proud to be associated. Ayurvedic doc counselling was Very helpful.Thank you Dr.Chandraprabha

  • Overall i am very pleased with Sangopan & nursemaid’s service & would most definitely recommend you to other friends of mine as well . thank u.

  • Sangopan came at the right time.A time when finding a good post.Natal massage service was next to impossible. I will be more than glad to recommend this to people i know.thank u sangopan.

  • Massage & babycare service was excellent.would recommend to my friends.

  • Therapist has been very easy to get along & is very punctual & disciplined in her work. My baby enjoyed the massage & she is very careful.thank was excellent service.

  • My baby has become 5kgs in 2 months of massage & has strong muscles.thanks. Sangopan is doing a good job. Its services really worked well for me & therefore i plan to continue with them next month too. Ayurvedic doc is approachable all the time.I keep referring to her. Shathavari is really working well for me.

  • baby has gained some weight & her intake has increased as well,mother  backache has completely reduced. Extremely professional,have working knowledge

  • Was an excellent experience.Enjoyed a lot.Appreciate for giving a traditional massage service to the customer.


  • “Infant massage for new born babies is a good stimulation which helps in weight gain and overall wellness for the baby. The Sangopan Massage technique is a good mix of traditional technique and clinically appropriate method of massage for the babies. It is harmless and beneficial for the new born babies”

    A senior Paediatrician in Bangalore
  • “The nursemaid was very sincere and good. Her massgage for both baby and me has been excellent. I will recommend to my friends. Thanks a lot.”

  • “Keep up the good work. Only suggestion is that as no due date is accurate you should try and provide massage person as soon as possible once baby is delivered.”

    Chandni Kukreja
  • “The service by the nursemaid was very good. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The baby was also handled very well.”

  • “The nursemaid was excellent. She is very caring for my child. She had patience with the child and always takes small things into consideration for the well-being of both mother and child. Overall I am satisfied with the service provided by Sangopan. P.S. baby gained weight of 1.5 kg.”

    Maya Jaiswal
  • “Overall the service was good. The nursemaid did a good job. Sister Natalia was good enough to give advice on how to take care after post-surgery. Customer relationship management needs improvement.”

  • “What I liked most is while massage each and every part of the body is taken care of. Thanks for your services.”

    Reetha Manoj
  • “I liked the service very much. Your company is very professional and gives proper time to customer needs and concerns. Will recommend to others definitely. Keep it up!!”

    Roohi bhatnagar
  • “I liked the services. Except I don’t like using hot water for the baby. Overall good experience. Will recommend others.”

    Kapil (renewed twice)
  • “Very good. It has helped me a lot.”

    Simran Oberoi
  • “Satisfactory. Baby’s weight has increased. Mom’s weight has come to pre-pregnancy weight. Tummy is tucked nicely. Except for the initial hiccups because of the other lady, service has been really good. I really appreciate the training for the baby massage. Thank you so much.”

  • “Nursemaid is sincere and dedicated. Massage and bath are effective. Adehernce to timing has been bit of a concern. Thanks for the service.”

    Nikki Poddar
  • “Extremely satisfied with the service from Sangopan. The massages were managed really well. The nursemaid did a great job of the massages of both baby and mother. Other nursemaid came for a few days and she was nice as well.”

    Dhanya Raghunath
  • “The nursemaid was extremely pleasant and did an excellent job with me and the baby.”

    Sunaina Joseph
  • “The nursemaid has done a great job for myself and my baby. Thanks to Sangopan for the initiative.”

    Remya Ramchandran
  • “Excellent service and nursemaid is amazing at her work. All the best to her and Sangopan.”

    Ritu Kaur
  • “Nursemaid is good in work and soft spoken. I enjoyed the massage with a very cooperative lady. She is very punctual and hard working towards her work. May god fulfil her all dreams.”

    Kunkun Pandit
  • “The nursemaid was regular and extremely competent masseur. I would recommend her to everyone I know. Good job!”

    Swetha Shashank
  • “She has done an excellent job. I am really impressed with the sort of massage provided to the whole body for the mother as well as for the baby. Joshua has put on adequate weight. Thanks for the service. Will surely recommend this to my friends as well as relatives.”

    Saritha Thomas
  • “Thanks to Sangopan for providing the massage services to women and their babies at such crucial time in their life. It has been a great experience for me personally and the nursemaid too has been great. She has provided the service well and with lot of care and affection. Thanks once more.”

  • “The nursemaid is very good at her work she massages very well. She handled the child very lovingly and tenderly. Her behaviour has been very good. Overall very good character.”

    Aman Bhatia
  • “It was a good experience and nursemaid has done a good job as she is very patient and very gentle with the baby.”

    Aparna Palanki
  • “The nursemaid is very punctual and hard working. She has done a great job. Me and baby felt very relaxed after the massage. Sangopan is really life saving for someone who is new to Bangalore and don’t know whom to contact for post-delivery massage and care.”

    Reema Agarwal
  • “The nursemaid did a wonderful job throughout. Me and my baby both felt really relaxed after every massage.”

    Nidhi Garg
  • “I am quite happy with the service and I appreciate this concept and your organization has been a blessing in my life. Keep up the good work. Thank you.”

  • “Nursemaid is doing a good job. Though there has been hygiene issue but she is good with massage. Sangopan is doing a good job, will look forward to it and recommend it in the future.”

    Anudita Rai
  • “Satisfied with the massage done, timings were well maintained.”

  • “Excellent service. Would like to continue for another month.”

    Yashwini Karkera
  • “The nursemaid was well on time, always smiling and talking and coaxing the child while massaging and giving bath. The child would enjoy the massage and after bath sleep well. The massage for the mother and child was extremely relaxing and helped in getting nice sleep. In all, a totally different, exhilarating and unique experience for both the child and mother.”

    Suprabha Rajeev
  • “The nursemaid is a very pleasant girl, hardworking and accommodating. She did a good job. Am very pleased with the service. My baby has gained weight well and I have lost a good amount of weight as well. Will definitely recommend Sangopan to others.”

    Vanessa Taylor
  • “The nursemaid is very professional, courteous and well mannered. My baby really enjoyed her massage and bathing techniques. It also helped her recover from colic to a great extent. Overall, we had a great experience with her. She is an asset for your organization.”

    SMridula Menon
  • “We were looking for the nursemaid online when we came across Sangopan. The information really pleased us. When the nursemaid started her job, I was impressed with the attitude and professionalism shown. It was the same as it was mentioned in the website. I am really happy with the nursemaid for the job she has done. Overall, I am fully satisfied with the service. I can recommend Sangopan to my friends happily. Thanks for wonderful experience.”

    Gulshan Yadav
  • “The nursemaid was excellent. She is very careful and professional with handling babies. I personally like her service and she also comes on time.”

  • “Very satisfied. Well trained nursemaid who is very professional with personal touch. As the name suggests service stands for “tender care.”

  • “Very enriching experience from Sangopan. Massage for my twins has played a vital role in their development/growth. Sophie- thanks for training, it was very useful. Tejashree- thanks for all the help/arrangements. Will get back for sure.”

    Ruchita Patel
  • “Massage and bath both were very relaxing and helped me regain my strength. Baby massage is also good and baby is growing well.”

    Sonika Singhal
  • “Appreciate u all Sangopan peoplefor the …..Excellent job!”

  • “The service was excellent, very personal dedicated and loving. We were very comfortable with the nursemaid. We wish her a very prosperous and joyous future.”

  • “The nursemaid did a very good work and she has been very regular in her duty. She takes care of the baby very well and she has a very soothing and affectionate feeling towards the kid. Great job!”

    Anuradha Pashupathi
  • “Sangopan gave me good service. They provided the service which they promised. I am happy to select this for my postnatal care. The nursemaid who came was good in giving massage for me and my baby. She took good care in handling Nitza and was regular in her timing except 2 days.”

  • “I am highly satisfied with the nursemaid’s work. Her good, quiet and helping nature is much appreciated.”

    Inderpal Singh
  • “Sangopan is a very rare service. We had the pleasure of the nursemaid working for us. She is very dedicated to her work and did not miss a single day. Very happy to have her working for us. An overall pleasant experience especially for new mothers.”

    Greeshma Gowda
  • “The whole experience has been good.What to say, good that’s why we continued for the next session as well.”

  • “The nursemaid has done a good massage for the baby and me. The massage has been relaxing and I am happy with the weight my baby has out on. Thanks Sangopan.”

    Bincy Easow
  • “Sangopan is a very exclusive and unique service helpful greatly to new mothers. The nursemaid is polite, efficient, dedicated and very loving towards babies.”

    Ruchi Negi
  • “I would just say “the most amazing, relaxing and soothing 40 days. “ I was pampered throughout. The nursemaid has amazing motherly touch. Me and my baby are really thankful to you people. Great job. Keep it up.”

    Summy Gandhi
  • “I have had an excellent experience with Sangopan starting from appropriate recommendations, excellent implementation, frequent visits to check on maintaining standards and taking feedback. To sum it all in a word – Awesome!”

    Meenakshi Virani
  • “The nursemaid’s service was excellent. She did with so much care and comfort. Her massage was very relaxing and regret not being able to complete 40 days.”

    Chitra Singh
  • “Thank you Sangopan for your excellent service. The nursemaid was very punctual and gave her best service to me. I am very happy and satisfied with the nursemaid’s work.”

  • “Me and my whole family is completely satisfied with the result of the massage .my baby has gained weight from 2.7Kg to 3.5Kg. thank you for your service.”

    Swapna Nambiar
  • “The nursemaid has done a very good job for the baby and mother. The massage given by her was very beneficial to me and baby. My preterm baby has gained good weight and I am extremely happy with her dedication to the service. I will highly recommend Sangopan to my dear ones.”

    Nisha Ojha
  • “I was satisfied with the nursemaid’s work and impressed with her patience with the baby and the mother. I would like to wish her very best and also to the organization.”

    Aparna Sule
  • “Saw good results. Will definitely recommend Sangopan to friends and family. The nursemaid did a good job.”

    Supriya Nagesh
  • “Sangopan has started a unique service which really helps new mothers. Good service and the process followed is great. Good attention to detail. Enjoyed the sessions. Good service, efficient in work and caring towards the baby and mother.”

    Yogita Samant
  • “I am so glad that I came across Sangopan during my search for a maid for post delivery massage. It is a much needed service today and I like their professionalism and attitude. Sophie’s experience and her guidance was very useful and Sheila as a nursemaid was very dedicated and good at her work. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone in Bangalore who is looking for a post-delivery massage.”

    Dr.Sowmya, Malleshwaram
  • “I am happy that I got in touch with Sangopan in time for wellness massage for myself and my son (Daniel) soon after my delivery. He is my second child and I am very satisfied with the service I got. My son gained good weight during the massage and it was very beneficial for me too. Sunita, who was the nurse-maid assigned to me is excellent at her work. Sangopan is doing great work and I wish them all the best.”

    Anju David, Sarjapura Road