Dealing with Loose Skin after Pregnancy

Dealing with Loose Skin after Pregnancy

During pregnancy your skin gets stretched and thus after delivery you experience stretch marks on your body. Skin is the largest organ of your body that gets stretched as you gain weight. After pregnancy it is difficult to deal with loose skin on your body.

Skin is mainly made up of collagen and elastin that helps in expansion of skin when you put on weight. The loose hanging skin needs time to get back to its normal shape. During pregnancy, your skin expands and excess of skin is accumulated in different parts of the body like hips, belly and on your back.

The following tips can be followed to deal with the loose skin after pregnancy:

  1. Give time to your body
  2. You need to keep in mind that you can lose weight post pregnancy but slowly with time. Gradually losing the extra skin that you have put on during pregnancy will take time as your skin needs to recover and regain elasticity back.

  3. Physical activity
  4. Physical activity or exercise is the best way to regain the pre-pregnancy shape back. Exercise helps in reducing the excess skin on your body. There are different forms of exercises that can help you in reducing the weight in a short span.

    Initially start with easy exercise and try to avoid strenuous exercises. Gradually, you can increase the workout based on your strength and fitness. You can also start strength training workouts that help in shaping and toning your muscles.

    Flexibility exercises will help your joints to gain strength and keeps it limber and comfortable. Along with flexibility exercises you can also combine circuit style workouts that can make your sessions more efficient.

  5. Protein rich diet
  6. Protein rich diet is necessary during postpartum as excess of proteins are required for breastfeeding women. Protein rich diet also helps in building healthy muscles. The quantity of proteins required by your body depends on your height and weight.

  7. Plenty of water
  8. Drinking plenty of water not only helps in easy flow of breast milk but also increase skin elasticity. Drinking plenty of water can help in burning excess fat and reduce water retention in your belly.

  9. Essential oils
  10. There are certain oils like castor oil, peppermint oil or lavender oil that helps in tightening your skin. You can apply these oils at night for better results. Almond oil also helps in removing the stretch marks from your body.

  11. Massage
  12. Complete body massage not only relaxes your body but also helps in improving your blood circulation to all parts of the body.

  13. Spa
  14. The temporary solution for loose skin is spa wrap. Spa wrap is generally used for temporary skin firming. Powdered kelp, sea salt is usually present in spa wrap which helps in detoxifying your skin and thus makes it softer and tighten the skin.

  15. Exfoliate
  16. Exfoliating your body with salt or sugar scrub or with a rough cloth can improve the blood flow to different parts of the body. Exfoliating mainly helps in getting a healthier skin and also increases elasticity in the skin.

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