Sangopan offers a wide range of services for postnatal mothers & babies

We offer various in home postnatal services like massages for mother and infants, baby massage training for mothers and pre and postnatal yoga for mothers. Our vision is to bring world class postnatal care to your homes.

Post Natal Massage Service @ home for Mother and Infant

baby-massage-550x350Massage for new born babies and mother has been an ancient tradition in India followed across the country. Several studies done recently now confirm the benefit of this practice followed for generations, that a good and careful massage of the just delivered mother and the new born lays a strong foundation for speedy recovery of mother and makes for a healthy baby. Our post natal massage services are specially created to help mothers take the benefit of this very valuable practice. This is delivered at the convenience of your home by trained nurse-maids who are supervised by a professional management. It is recommended to start this soon after the mother and baby are back from hospital. The overall duration is 90-120 minutes which includes massage and bath for both mother and baby. The minimum recommendation duration is 30 days which can be customized if possible.

Baby massage training for mothers

ser1This service is available either at your home. This includes 4 sessions of 45 minutes each delivered over 4 days in a week. The goal is to train the mothers so that they can give massage themselves to their babies (which can continue till the baby is 12 months old). You will have permission to video graph the sessions.

Prenatal Yoga for Corporates & Postnatal Yoga at home

ser3Prenatal yoga is an effective technique to encourage process of natural birth. This service is aimed to increase a mother's confidence in her ability to give birth; Yoga prepares your body to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labor and promote comfort.
Postnatal yoga is a great way of regaining your health and shape post pregnancy. Just few minutes of practice each day can expedite your recovery; re-energize mind and body.

Motherhood Workshop

features-beautyThis is a 6 hour interactive workshop aimed to address the queries and anxieties common to every mother and her family members. The workshop will be delivered by expert panel of reputed professionals who will deliver the sessions and answer all your questions. The panel will include a gynecologist, pediatrician, psychologist, yoga specialist, and lactation specialist. This workshop is available only for corporates to be delivered in their premises. A minimum batch size of 10 couples is required.

Postpartum Depression Therapy

testimonialSoon to Launch...

Nanny Services

nanny 3 This service is currently available only in Bangalore