Wintercare for Babies

Wintercare for Babies

Winter is almost here and new moms will be in conundrum.Question is about what all are the changes that need to be made in the daily routine so that the baby will be comfortable in the cool and comparatively dry weather.The climatic changes are sure to bring about some chaos mainly in the form of fever, cold, cough, dry skin, and skin rashes.The best way to keep your baby out of this is to go for some lifestyle alterations. Let us discuss it elaborately.

Clothing: The best way is to dress them in layers rather than going for a single thick layer of clothing.You can add or remove the layers as required.Long-sleeved dresses are preferred even if it is inners or baby suit.If the climate is very cool use one layer of extra sweater made of flannel or fleece.Mittens, monkey caps and socks will keep your baby’s hands, head and feet warm. Again, if your baby has dry skin or a rash, use only soft fabric like fleece, cotton or flannel on the skin.

Thump rule to assess how your baby feels:

If your baby is sleeping comfortably and feeding well, and is calm and not too cranky, then he’s probably the appropriate temperature. You can also check to make sure that the baby’s extremities — hands, feet, and head — are neither hot nor cold to the touch. As a rule of thumb, infant needs one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear at the same temperature.

By the way, we should make sure that we are not over dressing the babies.Sweat on the forehead and neck,damp hair and flushed cheeks are indicative that your baby is feeling too hot and in that case one layer of clothing should be removed.

A word on Seasonal Illness

Microbes will be all around and you can’t keep your baby in a sterile atmosphere all the time.What we can do from our end is to improve the immunity of the baby.For that we should make sure that they are into a healthy diet and healthy regimen in all aspects.Tips to improve immunity in babies:

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Get vaccinations doneper vaccination schedule.
  3. Swarnaprasana is an Ayurvedic way of immunization.
  4. Use of other easily available herbs and spices in any Indian household which can improve immunity in babies like turmeric,honey,pure cow ghee,basil,almonds etc.

Despite being very cautious if baby catches cold,cough, or fever, measures should be taken for symptomatic relief. In the initial stages, Home Remedies should be given.


Their skin is very sensitive to atmospheric changes and temperature. During winter, there are chances of having dry skin and skin rashes in babies.A daily oil massage will help to cope up with the situation.But make sure to finish the massage by mid-day so that the temperature will be maximum and baby won’t feel very cool.Avoid early morning hours and late evening hours for massage and bath in winter season.

Home remedies for common ailments in winter

It is never a good idea to rush to a pediatrician and give unnecessary medicines to the babies for minor ailments.During olden times, mothers were the doctors to their babies. They sensed the problemof their kids and used to administer the herbal medications by collecting the suitable medicinal plants from the courtyard.Even though it is not practically possible today, we can still resort to a handfull of home remedies even now-a-days.Here are a few tips:

Common cold and cough:

  • I tsp of shallot juice with 1 tsp honey 4 times a day.
  • 1 tsp of basil leaf juice with one tsp honey four times a day.
  • 1 tsp of karpooravalli juice with honey four times a day.
  • Apply mustard oil heated with crushed garlic, ajwain and methi seeds on chest and back.
  • Ginger juice with honey 4 times a day.
  • Warm water should be sipped frequently.
  • Resort to light and hot recipes like khichdi, rice gruel etc.
  • Keep the baby warm.


  • All the home remedies applicable to cold and cough is applicable in case of fever too.
  • Sip coriander-seed infused water:soak 1 tsp of coriander in half liter of water overnight and consume the next day sip by sip.


  • Rub a nutmeg on a grinding stone and give it to the babies either mixed with the breast milk or with light diet.
  • Buttermilk processed with turmeric,curry leaves, ginger can be given 2 tablespoon every two hours.

Skin Rashes:

  • Fresh Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the body.
  • Organic sandalwood paste can be applied on the rashes.
  • Cool rosewater will provide soothing sensation.

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